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Social Security Disability Benefits for those living in Eagle Pass, Texas

In Eagle Pass, Texas, social security disability benefits are awarded to those individuals who are permanently disabled or are living with a disability that prevents them from working for at least 12 months or longer. Even if you have not worked for 6 months and believe that your disabling condition is expected to last up to a year or longer, you can still file a claim. Qualifying for social security disability in Eagle Pass, Texas can be a long and lengthy time commitment as many claims take several months before you hear anything from SSA. It’s important that you receive medical treatment as soon as you are disabled or injured so that your medical conditions can be properly diagnosed and recorded. You can apply for benefits at your local Social Security Administration (SSA) field office. You can also hire an experienced attorney that's familiar with Eagle Pass, TX , to help file your claim as to avoid having to deal with various paperwork and appeal deadlines.

Once we file your application and the application is received by SSA, the local SSA field office will send your file to a department called the Disability Determination Services (DDS). DDS will review your file and make a decision on your Eagle Pass social security disability case. They will gather your medical records for their review to determine if you meet their criteria of disability. If DDS finds that you do meet the criteria, they will recommend to SSA that your claim should be approved. It is vital that you seek treatment as medical care is 90% of why a claim is approved. Seeing a doctor on a regular basis will increase your chances of winning your disability case. Also its important to keep in mind that if you file on your own and are denied, you will have a 60 day window to file an appeal to that denial. Its best to contact a lawyer to file an appeal for you.

We offer free consultations to all Eagle Pass residents and would be glad to help you with your claim for social security disability benefits.

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