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What Questions Will I Be Asked At My Social Security Disability Hearing?

Many disability cases eventually have to go before a Judge. You would have preferred your case to have been approved without the need for a hearing but you were previously denied and a hearing before a Judge is looming. Once a hearing is scheduled and you have a definite date, you may feel scared and nervous. Its important to know what you might be asked at this hearing to prepare yourself. You deserve to know as much as possible before you enter the hearing room so that you are comfortable and confident to fully participate in the proceeding. Below are two ways you can learn about the hearing process so that you can prepare for your big day. A hearing before a Judge is the most important stage in your application process. This is the stage that you want to win at.

What Questions Should I Expect To Be Asked?

You may be more comfortable if you know the kinds of questions to expect during the hearing. The administrative law judge will likely ask you for your full name, Social Security number, age, mailing address, height and weight. After that, you should be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • Whats your highest level of education?

  • Do you have any vocational training?

  • Are you currently working?

  • What was your last time you worked?

  • Have you tried working since you alleged you became disabled?

  • Where did you work in the last 15 years and what were those job duties?

  • What is the main condition or diagnosis that prevents you from working?

  • What kind of treatment have you had?

  • What medications are you taking?

  • Do you experience any side effects from the medications?

  • How does your disability impact your daily activities such as making your own meals or going to the grocery store ?

  • How does your disability impact your ability to take care of your daily needs like bathing and dressing yourself?

  • How long can you sit, stand, or walk at one time without changing positions?

  • Whats the most amount of weight you can lift and carry?

  • How often do you need to take breaks?

  • Do you have any problems getting along with supervisors, co-workers, clients, or customers?

  • Do you have any difficulties concentrating or staying focused?

  • Can you drive a vehicle?

  • Can you do your own laundry, clean your own house, do your own grocery shopping?

These are just some of the questions that will be asked at your hearing. Not every question will be asked at your hearing, but these are the typical questions that are normally asked. So its important to be aware of what will be asked and its important to be prepared on how to answer these questions.

Work With A Lawyer As They Can Guide You Through The Whole Process

Our law office will always prepare you for your hearing. We will contact you prior to your hearing to go over any questions you may have and prepare you for the questions you may be asked. We will also gather all your medical records and present them to the Judge weeks before your hearing so the Judge at any time can review your file even before your scheduled hearing. Please contact our office if you are seeking legal help with your claim. 210-885-3408.

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