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Social Security Disability Appeals

Social Security Disability Appeals

It is not uncommon to be denied when you initially file for disability benefits. IN fact, approximately 85% of disability applications are denied at the initial stage. However, you should never give up! You do have appeal rights and the majority of cases are won at the hearing level. The first step is to file an appeal, after you receive a denial. You have 60 days to file an appeal. That is why it is so important to consult an attorney when filing an appeal. 

Don’t Miss Deadlines for Social Security Disability Appeals

Social Security is very strict with certain deadlines. So if you miss a deadline for an appeal, you may have to start over from square one. Starting over from square one could also affect your back award because certain cases are only back awarded to the date of your application.  If you are one or two years into the process, starting over from the beginning can be devastating. If you have already missed an appeal deadline, you can try filing a good cause appeal with a letter, explaining why you missed the deadline. In order for a good cause letter to be considered, you must have a legitimate reason why you missed this deadline. If your good cause appeal is denied, you will have to start all over again. 


Do Not Give Up If You Were Denied

Many applicants give up way too soon. They receive a denial letter and assume that's the end of the road. The denial letter is wrapped with big words that an applicant may not understand. Many applicants fail to realize they can appeal, and many others are intimidated with the appeal paperwork. It's important to speak with an attorney once you receive a denial so that we can assist you with your appeal. 

File Your Appeal with Us

If you have questions about filing an appeal, or you need help with your application, give our office a call today, 210-885-3408. We can give you a free evaluation over-the-phone to see what you may qualify for.

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