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How Much Does a Disability Attorney Charge

Worried that you cannot afford an attorney? How much do I have to pay out of pocket to get started?



Well, the good news is, you DO NOT have to pay anything up front because a disability attorney will only get paid if they get you approved for disability benefits. Our office works solely on contingency. This means that we are only paid when we win your case!  You will never have to pay any money up front. We will only collect a fee if your claim is approved. Our fee is set by the Social Security Administration, and it is 25% of your back-pay or $7,200, whichever is LESS. The back-pay is calculated and determined by Social Security; it is a lump sum of money owed to you from the date they found you disabled. This fee is usually paid to us directly from Social Security, so it’s not something you will have to send us. Contact us at 210-885-3408 for more information.

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