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The US Immigration system is complex and constantly changing. You could be dealing with a wide range of government agencies, including the USCIS, USDOS, USDOL, USCBP and ICE. Dealing with these agencies is no simple task.

At The Law Offices of Christopher Le, we have experience guiding immigrants through the system. From students to workers to individuals who want to bring loved ones into the country, we know exactly where to start and how to take the steps necessary to achieve your immigration goals. Our immigration law services are available to people in San Antonio and throughout Texas.


You can expect our lawyers to help you sort through confusing immigration issues. We will give your case individualized attention, explaining the law, the process, the time frames and the potential outcomes. We will always be available to answer your questions.

Immigration issues we handle include:

  • Immigration passport issues

  • Family visas, work visas, and all other kinds of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas

  • Permanent residence and green cards

  • Naturalization

  • Citizenship

  • Status adjustment

  • Deportation and removal proceedings

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