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Bone Cancer and Social Security Disability

What is Bone Cancer?

Bone cancer is a type of cancer that forms in the cells of the bone. Bone cancer can begin in any bone of the body, but it mostly appears in the arms and legs. About 2,700 new cases of bone cancer are diagnosed each year and unfortunately accounts for approximately 1,500 annual deaths in the US. While the symptoms of bone cancer vary from from one person to another, common symptoms include bone pain, swelling and tenderness near the affected bones, weakening of the bones, as well as increased risk of fracture, fatigue, and weight loss.

Treatment for bone cancer varies depending on what stage of cancer you are at. Surgery is normally the recommended treatment though. If surgery is not an option, other ways of treating bone cancer can include amputation, chemotherapy and radiation.

Filing for Social Security Disability with a Bone Cancer diagnosis

If you are filing a Social Security Disability claim due to bone cancer, your condition will likely fall under whats called, the Compassionate Allowances guidelines if the cancer is inoperable, unresectable, or has distant metastases. If you meet the criteria, you may receive an automatic approval. Keep in mind that its important to provide as much medical documentation as possible to SSA so they can confirm your diagnosis as well as your prognosis. Providing SSA with as much medical evidence as possible will help the disability examiner, which is the person who reviews your claim, make a correct judgment regarding your benefits.

What if I'm still denied?

Although inoperable, unresectable, and bone cancer with distant metastases are included in Social Security Administration's Compassionate Allowances listings, there is still a chance of being denied. A denial is usually due to a lack of sufficient medical evidence or it could be a lack of knowledge on the part of the disability examiner reviewing the claim. Thats why its best to seek legal counsel and hire an experience disability attorney. Working with a social security disability attorney will give you the assurance that your application for Social Security Disability benefits is submitted correctly and that you have provided SSA with all relevant medical documentation to successfully process your claim. Your attorney will also present your application in a way that the disability examiner will understand how your bone cancer qualifies for expedition under the Compassionate Allowances rules.

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