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Why did Social Security send me for a consultative examination (CE)?

Consultative exams (CEs) are conducted by doctors who have been contracted by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to perform an independent examination. These doctors are not employees of SSA.

Whats the Purpose of a Consultative Exam?

Consultative examinations are not for the purpose of delivering medical treatment. Their basic purpose is to provide a recent, one time evaluation of a claimant's condition and limitations. Consultative exams can be physical, psychiatric, or psychological in nature. Depending on your medical

impairments, they can also include ophthalmological exams, blood work, and x-rays. What occurs at the consultative examination is at the discretion of the disability examiner ordering the exam. The disability examiner is the individual who makes the determination on your claim. The examiner obtains only what is necessary for a decision to be made.

Why is a Consultative Exam Even Required?

Consultative examinations are often required when the SSA has insufficient medical to make a determination on an applicant’s claim. Even if you provide an abundance of medical evidence, theres a chance that your records may not be detailed or current enough to satisfy the eligibility criteria for social security disability benefits. SSA may still need additional information to evaluate your claim.

Whats the Goal of a Consultative Examination ?

The goal of the consultative exam is to collect the information that may be missing from your disability application. The consultative exam will only perform evaluations relevant to your claim. So, for example, if you have a mental impairment, you will see a psychiatrist .

What Happens if You don’t Attend a CE Appointment?

Your attendance is vital and ultimately required for your claim to progress. Failure to attend can cause your application to be denied or dismissed due to non cooperation. You should not miss your appointment if you wish to have a successful social security disability claim.

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