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Workers Comp Claim Was Denied, Whats Next?

Has your workers compensation claim been denied? There are many steps taken in order to adjudicate the insurance carriers denial of your claim. In order to fight this denial, you must file specific forms to request a hearing. An attorney can assist you in filing these forms with the Division of Workers Compensation. This is the first step in adjudicating your denied claim. Once the Division of Workers Compensation receives your request for a hearing, you will be provided a date and time to attend that hearing. This hearing will give you an opportunity to discuss the denial with the insurance carrier representative.

A claim can be denied for various reasons. It can be denied if you failed to notify your employer in a timely manner, failed to seek medical attention, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or your injury did not occur at work. These are just some reasons an insurance carrier may deny your claim but you do have a right to dispute their denial of your claim.

If your claim has been denied, we can discuss your options for appealing. Our firm is passionate in fighting for injured worker rights.

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