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Can I apply for Social Security Disability with A Club Foot?

Updated: May 26, 2022

Applying for SSD with a Club Foot If your club foot deformity and associated symptoms are severe, theres a chance you can be approved if you meet the requirements as listed in the SSA’s Blue Book Listings under major dysfunction of joint, section 1.02. In order to meet the listing criteria, you must have:

  • Chronic pain and stiffness in the ankle joint(s)

  • Limited range of motion or abnormal motion range in the ankle joint(s)

  • Difficulty walking

Medical records are crucial in any social security disability claim, and your records should document thing such as:

  • Diagnostic imaging results such as xrays or MRI's showing joint deformities, bone loss or damage, or ankylosis in the ankle joint

  • Detailed descriptions from your doctor documenting functional limitations in your ability to balance, stand, walk, climb stairs, etc.

  • Records of your medical treatment and their effect on your condition

  • A medical opinion from your doctor discussing the ongoing affects of your condition and the prognosis for your club foot

When evaluating your application, the SSA will pay special attention to your ability to walk. If your doctor can provide a residual functional capacity evaluation report AKA RFC, this could significantly help your chances. The RFC should indicate:

  • You’re required to use two crutches or canes, or a walker in order to ambulate

  • You’re unable to walk or balance on uneven or rough surfaces, at least at a “reasonable” pace or speed

  • You’re unable to use public transportation or you can’t drive yourself or you cant grocery shop without the need of having another person with you

  • You can’t climb stairs at a “reasonable” pace.

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