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Can I get my Social Security Disability Benefits Reinstated?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

How Do I Get My Social Security Disability Benefits Reinstated?

There is something called Expedited Reinstatement (EXR). Expedited reinstatement is a Social Security provision designed to be safety net for individuals who get off of disability benefits because they’ve went back to work. With EXR, an individual may be able to quickly restart their disability payments again if their medical condition forces them to stop working again.

You can ask for EXR if, within 5 years of your benefits stopping, your work income drops below the SSA limit set for active beneficiaries. Or for those that can no longer work at all, due to their medical condition. If the request for reinstatement is granted, you should be able to receive disability payments again without having to file a new application.

Who can get EXR?

To receive SSDI benefits again, your work income cannot exceed the cap of $1,350 per month, or $2,260 per month if you are statutorily blind (For 2022).

SSI has more complicated income rules, because SSI looks at your income as well as unearned income. For the year 2022, you will likely lose your SSI if your earnings from work exceed $1,767 a month.

To be eligible for expedited reinstatement, you must meet all of these criteria below:

  • You lost your SSDI or SSI within the previous 5 years because your earnings exceeded the relevant program’s max limit.

  • You are again unable to do work sufficient to exceed SSA's limit, due to a condition that meets Social Security’s definition of disability.

  • The disability preventing you from working is the same one for which you were initially awarded benefits or is a closely related condition.

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