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Can I get Social Security Disability if i have Heart Arrhythmia?

Can I Get Disability Benefits for Arrhythmia or Fibrillation?

Arrhythmia's are an abnormal heartbeat. Arrhythmias are caused by disturbances in the heart's electrical system. Some arrhythmias cause the heart to beat rapidly and some cause the heart to beat irregularly. Some arrhythmias are also more severe than others. The symptoms of arrhythmia vary from person to person. Some arrhythmias can be felt in the chest as fluttering. Arrhythmia's can also cause fainting, vertigo, shortness of breath or chest pain. While some arrhythmias can cause no symptoms at all.

Can I Get Disability for My Arrhythmia?

Yes but you might show its severe. SSA discusses the qualifications for disability under Listing 4.05. In order to be automatically approved for disability based on your arrhythmia, you must meet ALL of the following:

  1. Your arrhythmia must cause syncope (fainting or loss of consciousness) or almost cause syncope (altered consciousness) on at least three different occasions in 12 consecutive months.

  2. You must have an EKG that shows your arrhythmia is related to the syncope or presyncope.

  3. The episodes must occur despite following your doctor's treatment, and

  4. Your arrhythmia cannot be due to a reversible condition.

If your abnormal heart rhythm doesn't cause fainting or near fainting, or medications control your fainting or near fainting, you may not be approved. But if your syncope can't be controlled, despite the use of meds, then you might be approved under this listing.

What Medical Evidence is Required?

In order to be approved its important to provide medical records, physical exams, lab reports, and EKG results. Treating with a cardiologist instead of a general PCP will also help your chances as specialty visits tend to carry more weight. If you are trying to meet the requirements of Listing 4.05, you must provide SSA with evidence that documents at least 12 consecutive months of treatment.

Can I still be approved for disability benefits even if I dont meet Listing 4.05?

Yes, but you must prove that your arrhythmia prevents you from doing work-related activities. If your cardiologist can fill out a residual functional capacity form, also known as RFC, that can certainly help your chances. This form should address whether your arrhythmia causes you to frequently experience chest pain or dizziness. If your arrhythmia causes chest pain and dizziness, you will likely need to rest throughout the day. If your arrhythmia makes it difficult to focus, concentrate or keep up with your work as expected, your doctor should note this as well. Also, if your arrhythmia causes weakness or shortness of breath, your doctor should notate any limitations on how long you can walk and whether you can bend, stoop, crouch, kneel or crawl. SSA will sometimes approve claims based on the inability to stoop; therefore, if your arrhythmia prevents you from stooping, tell your doctor to document it!

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