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Does having an Attorney improve my chances of winning my Social Security Disability case?

There are no guarantees you will get disability benefits, but if youve been injured or have an illness that prevents you from working, having a Social Security disability attorney can significantly improve your chances of winning the benefits you qualify for. An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can strengthen your chances in a few ways:

1. By Understanding The Law

An attorney understands your rights and knows how to zealously argue for the benefits you deserve after your injury or illness. They can cite the exact rules and laws which may be relevant to your case. They can gather certain medical documentation to boost your chance of success.

2. By Assisting You With Adhering To Deadlines

Missing an appeal deadline in a Social Security disability claim can cause an automatic denial. Many applicants, fail to file their appeal after being denied because either they dont know they have a right to appeal or they simply give up thinking they don’t have a chance. Attorneys understand the deadlines involved and will work to submit your application and appeals well before the deadline.

3. By Working With The DDS Examiner Or The Social Security Office

It can be intimidating contacting the Social Security administration office or testifying before a judge at your hearing. An attorney can help with these details for you. They will prepare you for your hearing and what to expect. Your attorney knows what to say to strengthen your case and can be a strong advocate for you. Sometimes even the smallest pieces of evidence can mean the difference between a successful approved disability claim and a denial.

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