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How Can I get SSI for my child who suffers with Cerebral Palsy?


Children with severe Cerebral Palsy may qualify for SSI. However one of the main requirements is whether the household meets the income and asset test. SSI places limits on the income and assets. meaning that if a family earns more income or has greater assets than what SSI allows, the child will not be eligible for SSI benefits. If there are no issues with regards to income and assets then the next step and probably the toughest step, is determining the child’s medical condition.

For younger children, SSI will compare the child’s capabilities against the normal behavioral and developmental milestones for children of the same age. They will consider factors such as sitting up, holding up your head, grasping, rolling over, crawling, and etc.

For children that are a little bit older, SSI will generally look at mobility and independence factors. So for example, if a child is able to get walk about with a cane then they may not qualify. However, on the flip side, if a child requires the use of two hands on a walker to get around, than that may qualify.

Normally, all children, whether younger or older, who qualifies for SSI must have Cerebral Palsy that significantly affects at least two or more extremities. There must be significant limitations to these 2 extremities.

At times, for children with moderate to severe cerebral palsy, SSI offers whats called “presumptive disability” benefits. This means you may be able to receive SSI benefits immediately.

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