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How Do I Check The Status Of A Pending Social Security Disability Claim?

It can take approximately 3-6 months for your disability claim to be decided, and during that time you may wonder about the status of your claim. It is important to be on top of your claim and track your Social Security disability case status as it moves through the system, but first you need to know how and why to do it.

How to Check the Status of a Social Security Disability Application

You can check the status of your Social Security disability claim by:

  • Calling your local Social Security Office and speaking with a disability claims representative.

  • Logging into the Social Security website to check your claim. You will have to create an account.

  • Calling and speaking directly with the disability examiner assigned to your case. This person works in the Texas Disability Determination Services (DDS) office.

  • If you have an attorney, contact your disability lawyer. Your attorney will make the necessary calls to the SSA or DDS on your behalf and get you the information you need.

You, or your attorney, can typically get the most information by calling DDS. When you call the DDS office, tell them you are inquiring about the status of your claim. The disability examiner will be able to give you status on your case. If your claim is still pending, ask if there is anything you can do to speed up the process. Its important to note that when you speak to DDS, to keep your questions or answers short as anything you say to them could impact your claim.

Why You Should Check the Status of a Social Security Disability Application

Now that you know how to check the status of your Social Security disability application, it is important to know why.

  • Your paperwork can get lost. The application you submitted could get lost. Function reports, medication lists, work history reports could also get lost. DDS and SSA receives thousands of applications weekly so its not uncommon for them to lose things. If this happens, your case will not progress, and valuable time may be lost. All the time you waited thinking they had your information, would have been wasted. In some cases, you may even have to file a brand new application. This occurs when the Social Security Administration determines that the appeal deadline was missed, even if that missed deadline was the fault of the SSA itself.

  • The Social Security Administration may fail to notify you that your case was denied. Maybe the post office lost your mail? Please note that applicants have only 60 days from the date on which they received the denial to file an appeal. SSA assumes that you received the denial letter 5 days after they issue your letter. It would be very difficult to comply with this 60 day deadline if you are not aware that your claim was denied. That's why its important to check in with SSA on a frequent basis.

  • Contacting your disability claims examiner at the Disability Determination Services to ask about the status of your case could speed up the process. The more pressure you put on them, the quicker your case will be moved.

The approval of your claim may be just part of another day for a government employee , but it is very important to you, and the wait for an answer can be daunting. If you are handling your case yourself, on the day you file your initial application or your appeal, make sure to notate on your calendar a follow up date. Its important to follow up in 15-20 days. That way you won’t forget.

If you are working with a disability attorney, your attorney will stay on top of your claim. An experienced and seasoned Social Security disability lawyer will already be in communication with your disability examiner and can keep you up to date on the status of your claim. It’s just one of the many services an attorney will provide for you. Call today if you have any questions.

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