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Lawyer for Social Security Disability Appeal in San Antonio

How an Attorney Can Help Appeal Your Social Security Disability Case in San Antonio, Texas

If youve been denied you are not alone. A large majority of social security disability claims are denied when you first file. When a claim is denied, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will send you the determination letter that details why your claim was denied.You will also be given details on how to appeal that decision. There are two very important things to remember, 1. there is a certain deadline to file an appeal which is usually 60 days and 2. Do not give up just because you’ve been denied! If you miss the specified deadline for filing an appeal, you will have to file a new claim and start all over again. A Social Security disability lawyer with years of experience can help you get your claim approved.

What are the reasons Social Security Disability Claims are Denied in Texas?

There are various reasons why disability claims are denied in San Antonio, Texas. Here are a few reasons.

  • A lack of strong medical evidence. Determination Services (DDS) requires strong medical evidence that shows a firm diagnosis, your symptoms, your treatments such as surgeries, side effects, and more importantly, your limitations and restrictions. If your doctor can detail your limitations and restrictions in their report this would be very helpful.

  • Many claims are denied because it is a refile. SSA will see that youce previously been denied on a prior claim and will follow suit and deny you once again. You will need a disability attorney in San Antonio, Texas to file your appeal and help you correct the problems with your claim that resulted in the first denial.

  • Another mistake that the applicant continues to work part-time and is earning over the threshold limit. If your income exceeds this limit, which is called substantial gainful activity (SGA), your claim will be denied regardless of the severity of your medical condition. As of 2021, the SGA limit for most is $1,310 per month. Earning any money above this threshold amount would likely disqualify you.

  • Failing to attend your scheduled medical treatment is another reason for a denial. DDS will review yojr medical records and they are looking to see if your condition has improved or worsened. Without follow-up visit to your doctor , DDS will not know where your condition stands. It’s always best to keep your appointment and comply with doctors ordersZ

  • Lastly, a failure on your part to cooperate. Sometimes SSA will request additional information, it’s best you respond to their request immediately. It’s important to constantly check your mail so you dont let days go by without responding to their written requests. Failure to respond within their time limits can get your claim denied. A disability attorney in San Antonio, Texas can help you with your appeal and ensure that you get all the proper documentation gathered to support your social security disability claim.

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