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  • Christopher Le

What Types of Arthritis Can Automatically Qualify You for Social Security Disability Benefits?

SSA keeps a listing of medical conditions or impairments that pertain to arthritis. Under these listings, there are several different arthritis conditions that meet the medical requirement of the SSA and automatically qualify you for social security disability benefits.

1. Joint Dysfunction

Arthritis can cause major dysfunction due to deformities such as misalignments, shortening of the joint or chronic pain and stiffness. If your condition has led to a dysfunction in any of your joints, you may qualify for benefits. Your medical records and a medical narrative from your doctor can help prove that your joint functioning is abnormal.

If your arthritis affects your hip, ankle or knees and its difficult to walk, that will also help your chances of being successful in your claim. Additionally, a disruption in your shoulder, wrist or elbow that makes it difficult to grasp and hold onto items will also help your claim.

2. You Underwent Surgery on a Weight-Bearing Joint

If arthritis has led you to undergo surgery to a major joint such as your knees or hips, and the surgery still makes if difficult to walk effectively on your own, you may automatically qualify for benefits under this SSA listing. Common surgeries include total knee replacements or hip replacement surgery.

3. Arthritis of the Spine

You may qualify for benefits if your arthritis is affecting your spinal region and affecting your nerves within the spinal cord. Arthritis can cause your spinal area to experience pain, limited mobility, and inflammation that requires that you change positions every few minutes. This can help qualify you for disability benefits.

4. Inflammatory Arthritis

The last arthritic condition that can qualify you for benefits under the SSA listings is when your arthritis causes inflammation or deformities in your knees, ankles, shoulders or elbows. If these deformities prevent you from working, you may meet the SSA listing for arthritis and receive social security disability benefits.

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