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Can I get Social Security Disability benefits on my spouse's record?

Is it possible for me to receive disability benefits on my spouses record?

No. To claim Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you must meet medical requirements and have paid into the Social Security system and accrued sufficient Social Security work credits. If you do not qualify based on your own earnings history, you cannot claim disability benefits on a spouse's record.

BUT, if your spouse is collecting a Social Security retirement or disability benefit and you are 62 or older, you may be eligible for spousal benefits on his or her record. Or, in the event of your spouse's death, you could apply for a survivor benefit as a disabled widow or widower as early as age 50 if you too are disabled or age 60 (does not need to be disabled).

Its best to contact an experienced disability lawyer to help answer these questions and to also determine what other benefits youre eligible for.

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