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Can I Get Social Security Disability If I Have Sciatica?

In many cases, individuals with sciatica do not automatically qualify for Social Security disability unless they also have another condition to supplement sciatica.

Why Is Sciatica Not Enough?

Pain from sciatica, or a problem with the sciatic nerve, can be debilitating and can restrict and limit your functional abilities . It can cause you to be unable to work and go about your daily activities. Some days you may experience severe pain that renders you disabled for that day.

However, with medications, physical therapy, and surgery, many cases of sciatica are usually resolved. Under the Social Security's definition of disability, in order to be eligible, you must prove a permanent disability, or a disability that is likely to result in death. Therefore, most individuals will find it difficult to win their Social Security Disability claim with just sciatica. If, however, you have additional diagnosis such as a disc herniation in your lower back, then that will help boost your chances of success.

There Are Some Exceptions

While sciatica is treatable for many individuals, there are some individuals who do not recover from sciatica. Instead, they suffer permanent problems such as loss of movement in their lower extremities or even incontinence issues because of nerve damage. Pinched nerves can be caused by a disc bulge or disc herniation that is impinging onto that nerve causing issues to your lower extremities. For those unable to work because of a permanent disability, Social Security disability may be a great option.

If you believe that you should qualify for Social Security disability based on your sciatica pain or a related complication such as a disc herniation/bulge, it is important to talk to an experienced Social Security disability lawyer. Your lawyer can review your claim and provide insight on what to do in order to strengthen your case. Let us know how we can help!

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