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  • Christopher Le

My Social Security Disability Claim was Denied. Should I just give up?

Absolutely not.

Several people have become frustrated and discouraged by the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) application process. So many applicants give up too soon when they receive their denial letter and they never appeal the denial to get the benefits they need so desperately.

The Social Security application process makes it easy to give up. In fact the large majority of cases are denied at the initial stage. So denials are way more common than approvals at the initial stage, but do not give up. You have appeal options. Some applicants feel that they social security system is intentionally planned to urge people to give up:

  • You are required to meet stringent time deadlines or risk being disqualified from SSDI. But although you may have stringent time deadlines, the same doesn’t always apply to SSA. There is no promise that your case will be reviewed in a reasonable amount of time and there is no set deadline as to when SSA will give you a response. The Social Security Administration tries to review each case within two months, but it faces no penalties if it misses that timeline. There are people who have waited 6-9 months to receive a reply.

  • Disability examiners rarely contact you for verification if something seems unclear. Ive heard many complaints that disability examiners didn’t have all the medical records when they made their decision. Instead, they just send out denial letters.

  • You are forced to supply the same information over and over at each stage of the review and appeal process. You may receive another function report form or another work history form. Although you filled these forms out previously, you’ll likely have to fill it out all over again. SSA is trying to see if your condition or any information has changed. Each form uses a different format, so you cant just submit a copy of a previous form.

  • The fact that you’re disabled makes it very difficult to handle the paperwork and record-keeping tasks. Most applicants get confused when dealing with SSA paperwork and being disabled doesn’t make it any easier. It starts looking more attractive to just give up and focus on getting better and recovering rather than to fight another round in order to claim your disability benefits.

Success Comes with Patience

Government benefits have undergone a lot of fraud over the years. No government official wants to be accused of allowing fraud and abuse of the system. Because of this, it’s easier for SSA to mark an applicant’s SSDI claim “DENIED” than to risk giving money to the undeserving.

Thats why it’s always best to seek disability assistance and hire a social security disability attorney. One of the most important things we know about the SSDI application process is that most people who hire an attorney and continue the pursuit of their claims, even after being initially denied, eventually receive benefits, including retroactive payments for the time their application was pending. Through each level of hearings, and appeals, and reconsideration of appeals, more applicants who were rejected earlier are being told their applications have been approved.

Hiring an experienced lawyer can make a huge difference if you’re dealing with a denied SSDI claim. Your attorney understands the complexity of the claims process and knows all the relevant case law to increase the likelihood of a favorable result. We can help you compile medical records, witness statements, and work history forms. We will also represent you at a hearing before an administrative law judge.

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