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Will I Be Drug Tested For Social Security Disability Benefits?

The short answer is NO. While there is no actual drug testing that is conducted prior to filing for social security disability benefits, there are many negatives that come along with abusing drugs and alcohol during the process and once you receive benefits. Sometimes, if you are found to be using, or have been incarcerated due to alcohol and drugs during the process, your claim could be denied.

You may be wondering, How Would Social Security Find Out If I Am Using? Well, there are several ways for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to be find out if you have been using drugs or alcohol other than specific testing. For instance, medical records will be required when you submit your application, and many times those medical records will encompass blood and urine tests. In addition to the legal implications that may affect your claim, a history of substance abuse could also be seen as an ongoing or chronic problem that may change the claim. Many judges believe that a claimants condition would significantly improve if that claimant was not abusing drugs or alcohol. So if you are using, it would only worsen your current condition.

During a social security disability assessment, a physician may also ask questions about substance abuse. If you deny drug or alcohol use, you will lose credibility as your medical records would show otherwise. So its best to always be truthful. I have seen many cases that are lost because of a claimants credibility. Any signs of dishonestly could eliminate the possibility of benefits being paid.

While a history of substance abuse could be seen as a symptom of a mental or physical disability, there is no way to know how the SSA will view drug or alcohol use within a claim. Its best to refrain from using all together so as to make your claim more legitimate.


If you are already receiving social security disability benefits, you should not put your claim in jeopardy by using drugs or alcohol. At times, SSA will review your claim. There have been many applicants that have had their claimed reviewed every 2-3 years. If there is evidence of any illegal activity such as drug use that comes up while receiving benefits, it could lead to the suspension of your benefits. In addition, if you are wholly dependent on social security disability to make ends meet, the cost associated with obtaining drugs and alcohol is just a bad financial decision.

If you have further questions about social security disability claims in relation to drugs and alcohol, or if you have been denied benefits, please feel free to contact us at 210-885-3408. Absolutely free consultation.

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god hof
god hof

in any case, it is sometimes best to check with your local social security office. So sometimes a person can take prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor. And then everything will be legal. In my local office they proved me it.

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